Understanding Truck Cab Styles

Trucks aren't the spartan vehicles that they used to be a few decades ago. The interiors of many trucks rival their luxury automobile counterparts. If you're new to this class of vehicle, figuring out the difference between the types of cabs can be confusing. Here's a short primer on truck cabs.

Regular or standard cabs have two doors and only room for one or two additional passengers. Think classic pickup for this style. Super or quad cabs have a slightly larger interior with a second row of seats that you have to climb into, much like a two-door car.

Crew or double cabs give you four full-size doors and have interiors similar in size to a four-door sedan. This size gives you similar comfort too. Mega or Crewmax cabs give you even more interior room. This style gives you even more room in the back, similar to vans.

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