Key Items Every Tailgater Needs on a Pickup Truck

There are a few key items that all tailgaters must stock on a truck. If you have these items at the tailgating site, you won't stress out during and after the event.

Everyone attends a tailgating event to eat great food, you can store extra food preparation items to keep the party going. For example, if you're going to cook food on a grill, stock many bags of charcoal or a few extra gas tanks on your truck. You'll also need extra tongs if your tailgating menu features raw chicken and other meats. By using different tongs for specific proteins, no one will have to worry about cross-contamination. In some cases, contamination problems could also occur after a tailgate party is over if all plates aren't stored properly. To haul many dirty dishes, place them inside of a plastic tub that's lined with a garbage bag.

Under the hot sun, food can spoil fast, so you must take proper steps to prevent engine problems on the side of the road. If you want to service your pickup truck before a tailgating party, the crew at Lewis Motor Sales in Lafayette, IN can help.

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