How to Keep Safe and Avoid Hydroplaning in Adverse Weather Conditions

Hydroplaning is a process by which a motor vehicle can slide and skid due to water on a roadway. Tires lose their proper grip on the surface, resulting in a dangerous situation. Each year in the United States, including in Lafayette, IN, thousands of accidents occur because of hydroplaning. You can take specific steps to avoid hydroplaning.

Driving in a lower gear is a strategy to use as a means of lessening the odds of hydroplaning. In addition, you can lower the risk of hydroplaning by avoiding braking hard. When possible, drive in the tracks left by vehicles in front of you as a means of preventing hydroplaning.

The team at Lewis Motor Sales can provide you additional information about preventing hydroplaning. This includes specific information about hydroplaning risks associated with different types of vehicles currently for sale at the dealership.

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