How to Determine Which Tire Type You Should Purchase; Winter Tires versus All-Season Tires

Selecting a new set of tires is never an easy process, which is why we here at Lewis Motor Sales have some helpful tips for you. Your two main options include winter tires and all-season tires. They are both a wise investment, but there are some things you should know before making the investment.

Winter tires are really just designed for the cold weather months where ice, snow, and cold rain are on the road surface. Winter tires provide you with great traction, but you'll need to switch them off when the weather breaks. This will ensure that you keep your investment protected.

All-season tires are beneficial for people who want to make one purchase and use those tires for the entire year. There's no need to remove them at any point. You could lose a little bit of traction in the winter, so be careful.

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