Using the Right Wiper Blades is Key to Safety

One key feature that makes winter wiper blades a good choice for cold-weather use is the build of their frames. Wiper blades designed for summer use have light and maneuverable frames that work well for rain but are easily overcome by snow and ice. Unlike summer models, winter wiper blades are made from heavy-duty frames that allow for the movement of ice, snow, and slush from windshield surfaces.

Another useful winter wiper blade aspect is the fully sealed interior. All-season and summer wiper blades have open interiors that allow the liquid to run through. In contrast, winter wiper blades are fully sealed, and this prevents slush and water from entering the inner workings and then freezing up. This feature allows the blades to continue to move flexibly even in the coldest weather.

The windshield contact-rubber itself is yet another key detail in the construction of winter wiper blades. Cold weather blades are constructed from special rubbers designed to be softer than other blade styles. This is important because softer blades stay pliable in sub-freezing weather and thus continue to effectively clean windshield glass.

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