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What Are Recalls?

Many vehicles are recalled every year due to safety issues, including CO2 emissions, which is a fire hazard. Our team at Lewis Motor Sales Inc in Lafayette, IN is glad to explain to you what is a car recall.

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What Is a Backup Camera?

Lewis Motor Sales Inc in Lafayette, IN is here to explain what a backup camera is and how it works. Backup cameras are cameras placed on the rear side of the vehicles. The backup cameras take images of any objects behind the car, then display them to the driver through the monitor or the display on the rearview mirror.

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Easy, Quick, Safe Car Debadging

Debadging removes "landmarks" on your car's surface that trap wax and dirt. Careful debadging leaves a smooth, seamless clearcoat behind. What exactly does debadging entail? The service techs in our Lafayette, IN Lewis Motor Sales Inc service department compiled this quick tutorial.

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