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Explore Our Cost-Effective Bargain Inventory

Do you want to buy a car, truck, or SUV, and yet you worry about paying a lot? Put your worries to rest by checking out the bargain inventory at Lewis Motor Sales Inc. We have used cars and scores of other models from top manufacturers. Buying from our inventory may prove to be an excellent way to get a fantastic deal on a used vehicle. Our dealership takes pride in its fantastic prices. Please look over our inventory to see what is available.

Top Name Models

When buying a used truck, a shopper might be interested in a popular model from a legendary manufacturer. Gravitating towards used Ford is understandable. And what about Ford's SUVs and sedans? We have those, too. The inventory also displays listings for used Chevy, Dodge, and more. If you want access to a top, name-brand model at an affordable price, we have many vehicles in-stock to select.

We are always adding more and more vehicles to our Lafayette, IN location. Many buyers purchase from our inventory routinely, so please act fast when something is appealing on our list. A popular used Dodge might move quickly when a potential buyer sees it.

Buying a Second Car

If you need a second car for the home or for your business in Frankfort, IN, bargain options could be the way to go. Maybe you only need an SUV or truck for the weekends. Buy something from our bargain inventory and save money.

Reviewing the Inventory

Different buyers have their reasons for purchasing a specific model. Used SUVs and used minivans are perfect for families. Professionals involved in construction and carpentry may need used trucks. Used sedans and hatchbacks are great for commutes. Many smaller used cars and subcompact models draw the attention of buyers who focus on fuel economy. Our inventory available near West Lafayette, IN, accounts for all kinds of models for buyers to choose from. Run a search today to see what is currently in stock.

The search function doesn't require anyone to possess advanced technological skills. The streamlined search system requires doing little more than clicking on the appropriate filters. The two main criteria to select would be "used" models, followed by setting a budget range. Narrow down the search further by indicating "used Chevy" and "used trucks." We do encourage would-be shoppers to look over all our available vehicles. There may be something outside your traditional purchasing sphere that seems too good to pass up. Maybe now is the time to switch from a used car purchased to a used SUV. The choice is yours, and our Lafayette, IN inventory, has a lot of choices available.

Financing and Trade-In Options

Our budget offerings come with low and reasonable pricing, and there are ways to make the deals even better for some buyers. Financing the purchase allows used car shoppers to place a downpayment and then take out an auto loan to pay via monthly premiums. Contact our finance department if you have any questions about the process. Please don't assume bad credit means no approvals.

If your current car, truck, or SUV is still in good shape, why not offer it as a trade-in? A trade-in provides a cash value no different from a downpayment. Our team applies the purchase value of your car towards the remaining balance of the used model you purchase. So, you end up owing less since the old car paid for a portion of the one you are buying. With a trade-in deal, you can save even more money on already inexpensive bargain offerings.

Go For A Test Drive at Our Dealership

Why not schedule a day and time to take one of our bargain vehicles out on the road? A test drive in Lafayette, IN, allows you to get a feel for the vehicle before your purchase. We encourage all would-be buyers to test drive selections from our awesome inventory.

Peruse more of our used cars, trucks, and SUVs before stopping by today!

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