Used Trucks Make Good Workmates


Lafayette, IN pickup enthusiasts deserve real options when they are shopping. At Lewis Motor Sales, you'll find leading models from every truck maker in our pre-owned truck inventory. This gives you a world of choices all in one place. Our supply of used trucks can include everything from the least expensive midsize or the dressiest, most capable full-size pickup that you'll see on the streets of West Lafayette, IN.


Used Trucks For Sale in Lafayette, IN

Used Pickup Trucks in West Lafayette

Midsize trucks have become more and more powerful. They are certainly better dressed and better equipped in recent years. The Chevy Colorado and its premium sibling, the GMC Canyon, have had their share of recognition by auto critics. They offer good fuel economy and potent engines. Tried and true, the Toyota Tacoma and Nissan Frontier offer excellent values especially when choosing a used vehicle. Classy and versatile, the Honda Ridgeline is the only midsize to offer a trunk-like in-bed storage compartment.


If you need something bigger or significantly more powerful for your drives through Crawfordsville, IN, there are many choices among today's full-size light duty trucks. The Ford F-150 is a top seller in both the new and used truck markets. The Chevy Silverado, known for quiet cabins and an exclusive CornerStep, has excellent durability records. Toyota Tundra models and Nissan Titan trucks are good workmates with solid reputations. Ram 1500 trucks have the nicest cabins at entry level, according to most reviewers, and their premium cabins challenge the Ford King Ranch, Chevrolet High Country, and GMC Sierra.


Hardworking heavy duty pickups let you get more horsepower and torque to move bigger loads. Built tougher, these trucks come in Titan XD, Ford F-Series, Chevrolet Silverado 2500, and Ram 2500 varieties. For busy contractors, a used heavy duty truck is an affordable asset.


Trucks know how to play, and truck makers often equip them to go off-road. Four-wheel drive and good ground clearance are just the start. Terrain management systems let you switch the transfer case to a low gear for crawling. This harnesses low-rev torque and keeps the big truck moving. If you are looking for adventure, be sure to ask which used trucks are equipped with skid plates and other off-roading equipment. Come to our used truck dealership in Lafayette to learn more about your favorite pickups!

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