Used SUVs For Sale in Lafayette, IN

Outstanding Pre-Owned SUVs

There was a time when the notion of purchasing a pre-owned vehicle had a bad name. The perception that a purchaser of a used vehicle inherited the issues that forced the original owner to sell or trade-in the car in the first place plagued the industry. In today's market, nothing can be further from the truth. The pre-owned car market is expanding at a rapid rate, principally due to the increased attention to the reputation of used car marketers. A satisfied customer means a returning client for another purchase.

At Lewis Motor Sales, we investigate our pre-owned vehicles and replace worn or damaged components to meet or exceed factory specifications. It is our fervent belief that the resale of a car with damaged parts is a danger to others on the road. We specialize in Jeep and Chevy SUVs and our service technicians scour every component for wear or lackluster performance. We also survey every program to correct every glitch to ensure outstanding performance.


Our reputation in Lafayette is on the line with every purchase of a pre-owned vehicle. There is no stone we leave unturned to ensure that our pre-owned vehicles are safe, secure, and ready to perform. The road is a dangerous place. We will not contribute to that danger by selling you a hazardous vehicle.


The Lafayette area is a fantastic environment in which to live, work, and play. On our used SUV lot, you will find the diverse designs that Jeep has explored over the years. You will also find a diverse lineup of SUVs from the Toyota brand. Whether you are taking your family for a vacation to another state, merely driving yourself to an off-road destination, purchasing one of our pre-owned SUVs means you will arrive at your destination fresh and ready to go.

By looking over the inventory of used Jeep and Chevrolet SUVs on our lot, you are opening a window to new horizons at a lower cost. We at Lewis Motor Sales, believe that your confidence in us lessons the strain of exploratory trips, family road vacations, and off-road adventures. The biggest pleasure we get is when you return with the smile we have helped you to find.

Once you have picked out your used SUV, our finance center can help you secure a car loan at an affordable rate. Visit us to learn more today.