Used Cars For Sale in Lafayette, IN | Lewis Motor Sales

Used Cars Are Very Popular Among Financially Savvy Consumers

Nowadays, finding a quality used car is relatively easy. There are so many great choices to select from, and automakers continue to produce cars that not only have longevity but also relevance. It's understandable why so many people in Lafayette are now choosing a used car over a brand-new car, with so many great opportunities and favorable advantages.

So, what can you expect from Lewis Motor Sales when choosing a used car?

Selection Process

Our dealership chooses to add a wide variety of used cars to our inventory in order to give customers more choices. Whether you're looking for a Ford, GMC, Honda, Chevrolet or any other type of car, chances are good that we will have it in stock or be able to locate it for you! Although our inventory does change every day, due to sales and the receipt of trade-ins, you should feel confident when you visit that our lot will be well-stocked with plenty of desirable options. Our sales team will also provide a full presentation of the car, as well as provide a test drive and answer all of your important questions.

Quality Commitment


We're committed to adding high-quality used cars to our inventory for your complete satisfaction. All of the used cars receive a comprehensive inspection by our skilled technicians. The cars must be completely free of any mechanical issues prior to being added to inventory. The technicians inspect the engine, interior, exterior, electrical components, brakes and many other important elements of the car to detect any irregularities and deficiencies. Additionally, we use a vehicle history report to research the car's history, which includes lien status, reported accidents, odometer verification and maintenance.

Used Car Finance Options

You can depend on our dealership for flexible finance options to meet your used car purchase needs. Our team of subject matter experts in the field of auto financing will do everything possible to meet your specific credit needs. Often times, a used car also has the potential of helping people reestablish credit. Therefore, don't hesitate to inquire about purchasing a used car, even if your credit is challenged. Also, don't forget that your trade-in can be used as a part of your down payment!