Removing Vehicle Badges

There are many different reasons why vehicle owners decide to remove the manufacturer's badge. The badges may be attached using adhesive, metal or plastic clips. In the majority of cases, owners easily debadge their vehicle using a few basic steps. When in doubt, bring your car, truck or van to Lewis Motor Sales Inc to have the badge removed for you.

If unsure of how the badge is attached, research the vehicle online. When badges attached with clips are removed, the holes left behind must be filled using body fillers. In the event the ornament is fastened using adhesive, heat water until steaming but not boiling. Pour the water over the badge to soften the adhesive. You can also use a hair dryer or a commercial adhesive remover. After applying heat or a remover, loosen the badge manually. Finish the process using a credit card, dental floss or a plastic scraper. Clean the area with soap and water. Repaint and wax if necessary.

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