Getting Your Camper Connected

Even if you've towed a camper several times in the past, there are still a few maintenance tips to keep in mind before getting on the road. Keep your speed down a bit as towing a camper will increase your stopping distance. You should also ensure that your mirrors are properly adjusted so that you can see the road around you.

Before towing your camper in Lafayette, IN, ensure that it's level with your vehicle instead of sitting at an angle. This will help in maintaining your tires and help with keeping your hitch from being damaged. The ball and the shank of your vehicle should fit securely with the camper.

Examine the lights on your vehicle and the camper. You want other drivers to be able to see both vehicles, especially when you're turning while you're on the road. Lewis Motor Sales can install a wiring harness that will allow you to control the lights on the camper.

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