Correcting Vehicle Sliding

When drivers exceed 45 mph on slippery roads, they are likely to feel the vehicle slide or skid. A skid may occur in the front or the rear of the vehicle. When skidding occurs, do not panic. Do not step on the brakes. Knowing how to handle the situation helps prevent potential collisions.

Front wheel skids happen when the vehicle begins drifting from its intended forward course. The event commonly takes place when drivers take curves to fast. When the car begins sliding, slowly decrease speed. Try to steer the vehicle where it needs to be. If you cannot immediately gain control, lightly press the brake pedal.

Rear-wheel skids make the back of the vehicle slide, which is also called fishtailing. Slowly decrease speed and turn the steering wheel in the direction the vehicle is skidding. Avoid over-correcting. Explore the latest safety features on our Lafayette, IN Lewis Motor Sales vehicles.

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