Auto-Dimming Mirrors Are A Common Accessory In Newer Vehicles

The latest vehicles rolling off the assembly line are beginning to feature auto-dimming rearview mirrors. These mirrors make it a lot easier to reduce glare in the event of bright sunlight or even headlights behind you.

The technology works by allowing the mirror to dim itself when it detects the existence of light. It does this based on the voltage that the light itself produces. The mirror dims when it detects higher levels of voltage, and it returns to normal as that voltage is removed. This means that the human driver doesn't have to do a thing to have the mirror dim or un-dim as desired.

This feature may seem a little over the top or perhaps just unnecessary, but that doesn't necessarily have to be the case. There are instances in which drivers are extremely thankful to have auto-dimming mirrors in their vehicles. It can keep them safe when another driver is riding too closely behind them.

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