What Is A Backup Camera And How Does It Improve Safety?

At Lewis Motor Sales, we're committed to making sure that you fully understand all of your vehicle's safety features. We recognize that this is one of the surest ways to avoid injurious and potentially fatal mishaps. This is certainly the case with backup cameras which are designed to significantly increase your field of vision when backing your car up, parking, and towing trailers or other vehicles.

Sometimes referred to as a reversing camera or a rearview camera, a backup camera is a relatively recent innovation for supplementing traditional rearview mirrors. In fact, as of May 2018, this safety feature is a legally necessary addition for all new passenger vehicles. Backup cameras are designed to give drivers a clear view of everything that's directly behind their vehicles and below the rear window.

From toys to small children, backup cameras allow drivers to avoid a number of obstacles that cannot be seen with even the most carefully adjusted mirrors. For drivers in Lafayette, IN, this simple yet remarkable feature can provide greatly increased peace of mind. Moreover, with their clear, on-screen guidelines, backup cameras can make it infinitely easier to back into tight parking spaces, and safely tow trailers.

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