The steering wheel in your car is quite sensitive to which way your turn. If your car turns more than you tell it to, then it's considered oversteer while understeer is when your car doesn't turn enough. Acceleration and the angle of steering are factors that play a role as well.

When you begin turning the wheel in Lafayette, IN, you might notice that you're not moving quite as fast as you want. This is understeer and occurs when the front wheels continue going straight while the wheel is being turned, causing you to give more effort when turning the wheel. You'll find that this happens more in front-wheel-drive cars.

Oversteer occurs when your car tends to turn a bit too smoothly. You'll sometimes notice this more in the rear of the car instead of the front and is a common occurrence in rear-wheel-drive cars that you might look at from Lewis Motor Sales Inc. This can sometimes lead to not being able to maintain as much control.