Lewis Motor Sales Inc in Lafayette, IN is here to explain what a backup camera is and how it works. Backup cameras are cameras placed on the rear side of the vehicles. The backup cameras take images of any objects behind the car, then display them to the driver through the monitor or the display on the rearview mirror. Once you put your vehicle in reverse, the backup camera turns on and sends the image of the back view to the monitor. With this, you will not have to strain your neck to see behind the car as you reverse.

The backup camera is complex, and with time, it is getting more high technology. The backup camera works differently from ordinary cameras. They can send an upright image to the display, despite being behind the driver. If the camera could be sending the picture precisely how it has viewed it, the image would be reversed, making it harder for the driver. The system of the backup cameras makes it easy for the driver so that they do not turn left when they were meant to turn right.