Emergencies happen, mostly when it’s least expected. When you encounter a driver on the highway stuck due to a dead battery, there’s a way you can help. Jump starting the car will come in handy to stuck drivers in Lafayette, IN. Here is how to jump-start another car even if you’ve never done it before.

Take out the jumper cables. These are important tools that should always be stored safely in the trunk. Make sure your engine is off and on Park as well as the other car’s engine and gear.

Attach the red clips to the cars’ positive terminals consecutively, starting with your car first. Next, attach the other side of the black clip to your car’s negative terminal. Take the other negative terminal and attach it to any metal part that is unpainted (not on the battery).

Start your car’s engine and let it run for about a minute. Start the other car’s engine as well. Let both cars run for about five to ten minutes then turn off the engines and disconnect the clips.