Every year, many Americans die in car accidents that are caused by being distracted. Although there are laws making it illegal to talk or text while driving, it still occurs. Plus, there are other distractions that can take place. In order to avoid being distracted, Lewis Motor Sales Inc has some tips that will help you avoid being distracted while driving around Lafayette, IN.

Keep Your Phone Off

While driving, your cell phone should be turned off so that you are not tempted to answer a call or reply to a text.

Avoid Multitasking

When you are driving you need to be concentrating on the road ahead. This means you should not be multitasking. This means you should be putting makeup on at home and finishing your meal before climbing into your car.

Have Your Navigation Pre-Programmed

When you know the route that you plan to take, you can pre-program your navigation ahead of time. This allows your eyes to remain on the road instead of the navigation controls. You can also have a passenger change radio channels for you.