If you want to upgrade your vehicle this spring, start with the details. Detailing your car can take your ride to the next level.

Here are some steps from our team at Lewis Motor Sales Inc in Lafayette, IN that can help transform your car's look and feel:

Vacuum each surface of the interior. A small hose attachment or a soft brush can come in handy when vacuuming the headliner, dash, console, and door panels. Clean all glass surfaces, too.

Next, work on the chairs. Slide them forward and check for any dirt or debris that could be lurking in those spaces.

To scrub tires and wheels, use a wheel cleaner designed specifically for automotive vehicles--it will effectively break down dirt and grime buildup without damaging paint or rubber surfaces.

Now move on to exterior paint: wash with a car wash mitt with car shampoo before drying off with microfiber cloths.

Finally, if pet hair has become an issue inside upholstery or carpets, try wiping them down with dryer sheets – they pick up hairs like magic.