Many modern vehicles at Lewis Motor Sales Inc have a Blind-Spot Monitor system, a crucial safety feature. The monitor uses radar technology to identify nearby vehicles that may be in the driver's blind spot. It then signals potential collision risks and can help the driver avoid accidents. The Blind-Spot Monitor system uses sensors on each side of the vehicle to transmit short radio waves. A receiver then evaluates these signals to detect moving objects in the area.

The vehicle gives a warning signal when it detects an object within a specific range so the driver has time to react and avoid a possible collision. The warning may be visual, audible, or both, depending on the vehicle model. By using the advanced technology of a Blind-Spot Monitor, drivers can increase their safety on the roads of Lafayette, IN, and feel more confident while driving, which ultimately helps to minimize the occurrence of serious accidents. Therefore, a Blind-Spot Monitor is a valuable tool that supports drivers in ensuring their safety and their passengers' safety.